More Money for Poor People

BANGKOK, Sept 16 (TNA) –The government’s Center for Economic Situation Administration resolved to increase financial aid for holders of government welfare cards by 500 baht per month for three months until December and also start its cash handout project.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said after the center’s meeting that it agreed in principle to support local economy and infrastructure-related operators and maintain government investment which was an important matter in many other countries.

The center also worked out measures to promote investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor, he said while denying any reports that foreign investors were reluctant to invest in Thailand.

Gen Prayut said the center also discussed a project to increase the purchasing power of 14 million holders of government welfare cards. Each of them will receive additional 500 baht per month from October to December. The project would cost the state 21 billion baht.

Besides, the government will start the registration of 10 million recipients of 3,000-baht cash handouts on Oct 16 and they can spend up to 100 baht a day or 3,000 baht a month on food and beverages from Oct 23 to Dec 31. The scheme will cost the state 30 billion baht. (TNA)


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