Liquor Consumption Ban Continues in BKK

BANGKOK, Jan 29 (TNA) — The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Friday reported 802 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours and allowed the resumption of businesses and activities on Feb 1 but drinking will be prohibited at Bangkok restaurants.

CCSA spokesperson Taweesilp Visanuyothin said 802 new cases comprised 781 local infections and 21 arrivals.

The total cases rose to 17,023. Of them, 11,396 recovered and 5,314 were being treated. The death toll was unchanged at 76. Dr Taweesilp said 98% of new cases in the latest COVID-19 spread were in Samut Sakhon, 1.2% in Bangkok and 0.8% in other provinces.

Relaxation of businesses and activities that will take effect on Feb 1 will vary in five zones of disease control.

In the maximum and strict control zone (Samut Sakhon province), CCSA will continue closing entertainment places, boxing stadiums, bull and cockfighting rings, amulet markets, fitness clubs, massage parlors, spa and traditional massage parlors, schools, playgrounds, amusement parks, bus terminals and internet shops. It also bans parties, crowded traditional activities and trade fairs.

CCSA approved the reopening of markets with limited customers. Restaurants can open until 9pm and drinking will be banned. Shopping centers will open until 9pm. Business premises and hotels can operate with transmission prevention measures and people-tracing systems.

The maximum control zone that covers Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and Samut Prakan will continue closing entertainment places. Restaurants will limit customers and close at 11pm. They can sell alcoholic beverages but cannot serve them.

There will be on-site, online and on-air school services. Activities with many people are banned. Small schools with no more than 120 students can resume usual operations.

CCSA bans the transport of migrant workers except for trips permitted by local communicable committees.

Massage parlors will remain closed and will not provide external services.

Spa and Thai traditional massage parlors will limit customer numbers. Exercise venues and boxing stadiums can reopen. Competitions can be organized without viewers. Practices are allowed with disease control measures.

In the control zone that covers 20 provinces, entertainment places can reopen and operate until 11pm. Liquors can be sold and served until 11pm. Music performances are allowed but dancing is prohibited.

Restaurants will limit customers and sell and serve alcoholic drinks until 11pm.

Malls, supermarkets and convenience stores can reopen but refrain from promotional activities.

Massage parlors can reopen with limited customer numbers. Exercise venues and boxing stadiums can operate and organize competitions with measures controlling viewers. Schools can reopen.

The close-watch zone covering 17 provinces can reopen entertainment places where the sales and consumption of alcoholic drinks can continue until midnight.

People can dine at restaurants in a social distancing manner. Time for drinking and alcoholic sales will end at midnight. Massage parlors can open with some service restrictions. Exercise venues and boxing stadiums can operate with some restrictions on viewers.

The watch zone covering 35 provinces will see the re-opening of entertainment places where liquors can be sold and served as usual. Music can be performed and people can dance in a social distancing manner. Restaurants can resume normal business.

All kinds of gambling dens are banned nationwide.

The business and activity resumption would take effect on Feb 1 but could change if new COVID-19 cases increase afterwards, Dr Taweesilp said. (TNA) ]


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