COVID-infected Malaysian’s Girlfriend Tested Negative

CHIANG MAI, Aug 19 (TNA) — The Thai girlfriend of the Malaysian man who contracted the coronavirus disease 2019 tested negative for the disease and so did 43 illegal migrant workers in the northern province.

Chiang Mai governor Charoensit Sa-nguansat said the 36-year-old girlfriend who was a native of Lop Buri province visited Chiang Mai with five friends. She was in close contact with the Malaysian national and posed high risks of infection as her Malaysian boyfriend was confirmed with the disease after returning to Malaysia.

The woman was called for a COVID-19 test 13 days after her contact with the Malaysian man. She would stay at hospital for one more day to observe 14-day quarantine. If she still remains healthy, she will be considered as safe, the governor said.

Chiang Mai health chief Dr Chatuchai Maneerat said five friends of the woman had low risks of infection but were advised to put themselves in quarantine with officials’ supervision. He believed the Malaysian man contracted the disease outside Thailand because his infection was confirmed after his return to Malaysia and during his quarantine in the homeland.

The Chiang Mai governor added that the 43 illegal migrant workers who were arrested in Om Koi district tested negative for COVID-19 but would be quarantined for 14 days.

The Malaysian visitor had stayed at his condominium in Bangkok before returning to Malaysia on Aug 5. He was confirmed with the disease on Aug 15 during quarantine in his homeland. (TNA)


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