Facts about ‘MorChana App’ Covid-19 Tracking Mobile Application

8 January 2021

Content By : Chanida Piromyindee / Sure And Share Center

     Currently, the CCSA has urged the public to install the Covid-19 contact-tracing mobile app named ‘MorChana’. People, especially from the 28 Red Zone areas and 5 high-risk provinces, are highly required to download the application under the government’s No.17 regulation.

What Is ‘MorChana App’?

     MorChana is a Mobile Application intended to help people assess the Covid-19 infection risk. This app uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to track users’ locations in order to notify them when they are in the areas considered as risk, or when infected people are getting close.

     Apart from providing useful information about the Covid-19 situation, MorChana App also helps users assess their own infection risk by answering health assessment questions. The risk level results will be shown in 4 colors: green (lowest risk), yellow (low risk), orange (risky), and red (high risk). If the result turns out to be risky, the data will be sent to the central database automatically to alert other users around.

     The app was developed in collaboration with state organizations and private developers in order to help health authorities, government agencies, and general people to reduce the risk of infection.

Does Personal Information Keep in Privacy?

     According to the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, MorChana App strictly complies with privacy and data protection laws. The registration will be done in an anonymous form which requires only users’ mobile numbers for the process. More importantly, all the data will be deleted permanently after the Covid-19 situation ends.

Is It Illegal for Not Installing  ‘MorChana Application’?

     Certainly, you might have seen the headline saying that ‘People who do not install the Mor Chana application would face a fine or imprisonment’. 

     This incident happened on a briefing announcement of the CCSA, January 7th 2021, regarding the government’s No.17 regulation. The spokesman stated that “People who are caught to be infected and have not installed the application will face the penalties”

     Even so, only a few hours later after the announcement, the official statement has been declared and confirmed that “There is no penalty for not installing the application”

How to Download MorChana ?

For people who would like to download MorChana application, it is now available for free in App Store and Google Play, for both IOS and Android.

Source: Bangkok Post, DGA, The BigChilli, CCSA


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