State of Emergency Extended, Sports Spectators Welcomed

BANGKOK, Aug 21 (TNA) – The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration resolved to extend the state of emergency for another month and allowed people to watch sports at their venues as long as safety measures are observed.

CCSA spokesman Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin said the state of emergency were extended from Sept 1 to 30 as proposed by the National Security Council and the decision would be proposed to the cabinet for approval.

“It is necessary to have legal authority to prevent and solve problems efficiently so that the crisis will be handled swiftly, harmoniously and effectively after high-risk business and activities were allowed to resume including full-scale services at all schools and educational institutions,” he said.

People were a main risk factor so it was important to control the arrivals and departures of people including migrant workers in order to curb the disease. The imposition of the executive decree on public administration in emergency situations would not affect the everyday life of people and businesses could operate as usual, Dr Taweesin said.

CCSA also permitted spectators at sports competitions and passenger buses and boats can fully use their capacities.

“However, the numbers of spectators must be reduced to prevent congestion. Conventional crowds at boxing stadiums will not happen… The numbers of spectators will be controlled in accordance with the types of sports and the natures of their spectators… For football matches where people will be shouting, the number of spectators will be limited at 25% of the capacity of their stadiums,” Dr Taweesin said. (TNA)


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