Thailand Braces for Tropical Storm “Noul”

BANGKOK, Sept 16 (TNA) – Agriculture Minister Chalermchai Sri-on ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to brace for the tropical storm “Noul”, which will move into northeastern Thailand this weekend.

The Meteorological Department said the storm is expected to develop to the Category 5, typhoon and make landfall over the middle Vietnam before moving into Thailand’s Northeast from September 18-20.

He instructed officials to prepare for possible floods and to work with local authorities to provide assistance immediately in case of an emergency.

He also ordered officials to implement the water management and improve efficiency of existing water storage facilities to ensure enough water in the next dry season.

RID’s director-general, Thongplew Kongchan said heavy machinery and water pumps were dispatched to flood prone areas across the country and safety checks were conducted at dams, reservoirs and sluice gates.

Dredging works were done to clear canals and waterways to increase water flow.

The meteorological department warned of torrential rain will be possible with strong winds first in the Northeast, then the North, the Central, the East and the South.

People in at-risk areas should beware of flash floods, water runoff and strong wind.

In the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, all ships should keep ashore due to 2-3 metre high waves. (TNA)


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