Police Concerned over Confrontation of Rival Groups

BANGKOK, Oct 21 (TNA) – The government’s centre for jointly resolving serious emergency situations has adjusted a plan to handle demonstrations as they are concerned over a possible confrontation of rival protest groups.

As anti-government protesters adopt flash – mop strategy at many locations in the capital and provinces, calling for three demand including the resignation of the Prime Minister, charter amendment and reform of the  monarchy, their rival yellow-shirt royalists have been seen, coming out to show support for the monarchy.   

Deputy Bangkok Police Chief, Pol Maj Gen Piya Tawichai said the police were worried about the movements of rival groups, which could lead to a possible confrontation. The police have adjusted the plan to provide safety to protesters and people.

Pol. Col Siriwat Deepor, deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police Bureau denied false information that the police would use bullets to disperse crowds. He insisted that the police would comply with the legal procedures strictly and would take a legal action against those who spread fake news.  (TNA)


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