Stop undermining Yingluck’s freedom: Ex-PM’s Lawyer

Stop undermining Yingluck’s freedom: Ex-PM’s Lawyer
BANGKOK, Feb 11 —  The lawyer for former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has urged the military to stop threatening rights of the former premier, pointing out that she should be allowed to travel overseas because a formal indictment against her over the controversial rice-pledging scheme has not been brought to court.
Norawit Lalang  said today that Yingluck has cooperated and strictly complied with orders of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) since the May 22 military takeover and the nationwide declaration of martial law.
Whether she is in Thailand or overseas, his client has never done anything that would lead to unrest in the country, he said.
Sources said that the NCPO has already rejected a request by the former premier to visit Hong Kong, China and the UK from February 10-22, reasoning that she must attend a court trial.
Mr Norawit said the Attorney-General has announced that it would take about a month to draft an indictment against Yingluck and the lawsuit should be formally launched with the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions within March.
Ms Yingluck understands that she should have the right to take the overseas trip from February 10-22, he said.
“The Office of Attorney General (OAG) has already said that it has no power to prevent an individual from taking an oversea trip unless an indictment against the defendant has been brought to a court, “ he said.
“I am asking the concerned authorities to stop undermining rights and freedom of the former prime minister that she is entitled to under the constitution and legal procedure,” he said.
On the military’s close monitoring on Ms Yingluck, Mr Norawit said it undermines and restricts her personal rights and freedom.
Ms Yingluck’s van was closely followed by security officials and her motorcade was reportedly stopped and searched at a checkpoint yesterday when she was in the northern of province of Chiang Mai to join a merit-making rite for her ancestors.
“This is like Ms Yingluck is indirectly detained,” Mr Norawit said
He said if the army considers Ms Yingluck as a ‘VIP’ figure and wants to ensure her safety, it could directly contact and inform her. (MCOT online news) 


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