Thailand Logs 5 New Coronavirus Cases

BANGKOK, Sept 15 (TNA) – Thailand reported five new Covid-19 cases in state quarantine, raising its total cases to 3,480.

Of this number, 3,315 coronavirus patients fully recovered and the death toll remained at 58.

Five newly-confirmed cases travelled from Japan, Pakistan, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and were found infected with the virus while being quarantined.

Meanwhile, the Disease Control Department disclosed that 382 contacts with the Uzbek footballer, who had Covid-19 tested negative for coronavirus and 39 others are waiting for the test results.

Director-General of the Department of Health Service Support, Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong revealed the operation of the alternative hospital quarantine for foreign patients and accompanying persons to ensure that the system is strict, efficient and up to standard to control the spread of Covid-19.

To receive the medical treatment in Thailand, the patients and accompanying persons are required to travel with Covid-free health certificates and Covid-19 insurance coverage.

Only patients from the countries in the green and yellow lists are allowed to enter the kingdom upon appointments for the medical treatment.

They will be quarantined at hospitals for 14 days and undergo three coronavirus tests including ones before and after their treatment.

They will pay for all costs with their own expenses and the hospitals will closely monitor them until they complete the treatment. (TNA)


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