Disaster Warnings via SMS Launched

BANGKOK, Aug 29 (TNA) – Five mobile phone networks start to send natural disaster warnings in three languages for the sake of public safety.

Chief Ombudsman Viddhavat Rajatanun witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding by five mobile phone service providers today. They agreed to start their short message service sending warnings on natural disasters right away.

He said that after the Phoenix tourist boat tragedy off Phuket province in 2018, ombudsmen agreed that governmental organizations should share their warnings about natural disasters with local people and tourists in at-risk areas.

“Warnings about bad weather and strong winds will let tourists decide if they will take a boat trip,” Gen Viddhavat said.

According to him, the Meteorological Department will send such warnings to five mobile phone service providers who will then forward the messages to people and tourists free of charge. The warnings are initially communicated in Thai, English and Chinese languages.

Such warnings would be highly beneficial when tourism is restored after the COVID-19 crisis, Gen Viddhavat said. (TNA)


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