Thai Meat Is Free of COVID-19

BANGKOK, Aug 14 (TNA) – The Livestock Development Department is working seriously to ensure the safety of Thai meat amid reports of COVID-19-contaminated meat in other countries, according to the department chief.

Sorawit Thaneeto, director-general of the department, responded to international reports that the coronavirus disease 2019 was found with frozen chicken wings from Brazil to China and with frozen shrimps from Ecuador to China.

Mr Sorawit said that the food safety measures of his department covered plants where workers must comply with hygienic practices and observe social distancing and all production stages were sanitized.

The measures were designed to prevent contamination, he said.

Besides, the department regularly samples products for COVID-19 tests. So far, 237 samples have been tested and all tested negative.

“People can rest assured that Thai livestock products are safe,” Mr Sorawit said.

Amid COVID-19 concerns, he saw opportunities for Thailand to export more livestock products to global markets in place of contaminated sources. (TNA)


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